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    Nature's Protection Large Cat kg

    100% complete and balanced nutrition adapted to specific needs of large breed adult cats. A special formula designed to maintain healthy joints and the musculoskeletal system of large cat breeds in good condition. Contains borage seed oil and Omega fatty acids that help nurture healthy skin and fur. Rich in natural fibre from cellulose and sugar beets and may help eliminate hairballs from the intestines.
    د.ا.‏ 15.000
    i h
    Dynamic micronised clinoptilolite actively stimulates intestinal health and nutrient absorption. Captures toxins produced by bacteria in the digestive tract and stimulates mobility by lubricating the joints. 
    Reduced amount of magnesium can help avoid the formation of urolithiasis crystals in the bladder.
    Irreplaceable fatty acids especially useful to strengthen the immune system, to maintain smooth function of the brain, heart and vascular system as well as to alleviate inflammation processes. 
    Especially easy digestable feed is enriched with fiber that can help prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach and safely and easily get rid of them from the intestinal tract.
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    Intersand Cat Litter Odour Lock 12KG

    The only litter that neutralizes unpleasant odours for up to 40 days! Its patented technology blocks the formation of ammonia, which causes unpleasant odours Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop and reduces the amount of litter used Cuts down on waste AND reduces annual litter use by over 45% 99.9% dust-free, which is better for you and your cat’s respiratory systems Leaves no tracking so your home will stay clean all the time Made with 100% pure, natural clay, recognized worldwide for its high quality Satisfaction guaranteed
    د.ا.‏ 18.500

    Intersand Cat Litter Odour Lock baby powder 12KG

    Our OdourLock mineral litter is produced from high-quality clay, 100% pure and natural, for maximum efficiency without compromise. We pay close attention to its extraction and processing to ensure a clay of very high quality while respecting the environment. Optimal odour control for more than 40 days Safe for the respiratory tracts of humans and cats Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment Moisture-activated scent Tested by veterinarians Made in Canada
    د.ا.‏ 18.500

    Intersand Cat Litter Odour Lock Calming Breeze 12KG

    Odourlock Calming Breeze cat litter controls Odour for more than 40 days. Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment. Moisture-Activated Fragrance Dust Free - Minimizes dust for your comfort and that of your cat. Non-tracking to keep your home clean. Extra Hard Clumping - Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop and reduces the amount of litter used.
    د.ا.‏ 18.500

    Royal Canin BrItish Shorthair 2kg

    British shorthair cats over 12 months old Special British Shorthair jaw: "Amethyst 12", a kibble specially designed for the British Shorthair cat’s massive jaw to make it easier for them to grasp and encourage her to chew. Muscle tone and joint health: The British Shorthair cat has a powerful and sturdy body with hardworking joints. British Shorthair helps support healthy bones and joints and contributes to maintaining muscle mass. Dental health: The kibble’s unique shape and large size are designed to encourage the British Shorthair cat to chew properly, which helps support oral hygiene. Healthy heart: Formula enriched with taurine and EPA & DHA. Formulated to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system.
    د.ا.‏ 24.000