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    Nature's Protection Hypoallergenic Dental With White Fish 150g

    Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs grainless food supplement-delicacy with white fish is designed to maintain white and light fur in adult dogs prone to food allergies, proper dental hygiene. Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs – high-end food supplements-delicacies with white fish, specially designed for adult dogs of all breeds with white or light fur and prone to allergies. This product can help improve the condition of the pet's teeth. The ingredient will not only complement your dog's body with the necessary materials, but will also help maintain the perfect appearance of the coat and the strength of the teeth. GRAINLESS INGREDIENTS Suitable for sensitive and allergic pets. In addition to ingredients of cereal origin that can cause allergic reactions. Suitable for a pets with a sensitive digestive system does not burden the digestive tract. SUPPLEMENTED WITH PROTEINS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN With white fish The main and easily digestible source of the best quality protein is white fish with antiallergic properties. Due to the carefullybrowned sources of protein, these delicacies are especially suitable for pets with white fur. SPECIAL FORM Helps clean your pet's teeth Special-shaped delicacies are hard and delicious, so when they are gnawed, growing teethcleans teeth from plaque. In addition, delicacies help to maintain a fresh breath. CONVENIENT PACKAGING Convenient, easy to open packaging with 150 g. of delicious and healthy delicacies inside. These premium food supplements-delicacies are specially designed for white and light fur adult dogs prone to allergies. NATURE'S PROTECTION Superior Care– Super Premium delicacies line, which is characterized by innovative ingredients and reflects newtrends and technology-based healthy pet nutrition. The delicacies contain only the highest quality protein sources and other innovative ingredients. Made in the European Union.
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