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    Nature's Protection Healthy Growth Poultry 150g

    Nature's Protection Healthy Growth food supplement-delicacy with poultry, healthy development of bones and joints and immune system in young dogs. Nature's Protection – high-end food supplements-delicacies with poultry, specially designed for young dogs. This product can help maintain the smooth development of bones and joints and the immune system. The ingredients will not only replenish your dog's body with the necessary substances, but also help maintain a good immune system. GRAINLESS INGREDIENTS Suitable for sensitive and allergic pets. In addition to ingredients of cereal origin that can cause allergic reactions. Suitable for pets with a sensitive digestive system, does not burden the digestive tract. SUPPLEMENTED WITH PROTEINS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN With poultry The main and easily digestible source of the best quality protein is poultry meat. Due to carefully selected protein sources, these delicacies are especiallysuitable for young and growing animals. WITH GREEN ORTHAT EXTRACT Strong antioxidantntas The teaextract has anti-inflammatory properties, protects the animal's cells from the harmful effects of the environment. Strong antioxidant. The extract is by far the strongest protects the body against viruses and promotes the detachment of dead skin cells. SUPPLEMENTED WITH POLYPHENOLS Virus protection Polyphenols have strong antioxidant properties and can therefore help protect the body from viruses and promote the detachment of dead skin cells and the formation of a new layer of skin, as well as protect cells from harmful environmental effects. CONVENIENT PACKAGING Convenient, easy-to-open and clamped packaging, inside which – 150 g. of healthy delicacies, will ensure that the delicacies will always remain fresh and delicious. These premium food supplements-delicacies are specially designed for young dogs and the development of their bones, joints and immune system. Nature's Protection– high-end, natural, exclusive flavors, different types of delicacies, designed to meet the needs of different pets. Thesedelicacies do not contain artificial dyes, antioxidants and flavor enhancers. Made in the European Union.
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