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    Montego - Monty & Me Adult 2kg

    Brand: Montego
    YUMMINESS & STRENGTH Optimum protein and fat levels make Monty & Me taste great, help keep your little buddy strong, healthy and in tip-top condition. GET UP & GO-GO-GO An ideal blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral levels provide your pal with all the energy needed for play, maintained happiness and health. HAPPY TUMMY, HAPPY DOG Insoluble fibres at just the right levels are just the thing to keep your doggy’s digestive system scrubbed, regular, happy and healthy. SAFE, SOUND IMMUNE SYSTEM Contains Vitamin E, essential for strong muscles and a healthy immune system, aiding in protection from cell damage.
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    Proline Cat Litter includes natural raw materials which doesn't have a chemical that harms the health of you or your cat. MINIMUM DUST Proline cat litter is processed speciallyduring production to be able to minimize the dust formation in the area where it is used. ABORBENT FEATURE Proline cat litter absorbs the liquid quickly and forms clumps with perfect clumping feature. It prevents all kind of bacterial contamination that can be harmful for you or your cat ODOR BLOCKING While blocking the bad odor that releases to the environment, Proline cat litter also gives a fresh odor when it is contacted with a liquid. USAGE DIRECTIONS: Place your cat litter box on a place which is easy to reach and comfortable. Pour the cat litter to the whole bottom of the litter box with 7-8 cm thickness. Clean the clumps and solid waste every day with a proper scoop. Complete the cat litter by adding fresh litter when the level decreases. Changing cat litter period may be reduced if you have more than one cat. Wash your hands with soap after contacting with cat litter in the box.
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