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    Montego Karoo Cats Wet Food Adult - Chicken & Lamb 375 g

    Brand: Montego
    Limited ingredient Diet With vitamins & minerals for a delicious meal and healthy digestion. Strength-Building Protein: Lamb Adds delicious flavour and texture, while providing essential amino acids, crucial to the development and maintenance of strong, healthy muscles. Urinary Tract Health: Moisture Provides a source of moisture which helps promote a healthy urinary tract.
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    Bewi-Cat Crocinis 5 Kg

    Bewi Cat 5kg Crocinis Mix BEWI CAT® crocinis Due to water removal, the nutrient concentration in dry food is approximately 4 times as high as that in moist food. Feeding costs can be considerably reduced by giving your cat dry food. Dry food also has the advantage that when it is freely available, the cat can eat several small meals a day in accordance with its natural habits. The crispy croquettes also help to clean the cat's teeth, while the chewing activity firms up the cat's gums. BEWI CAT® crocinis Especially tasty mix of 3 different croquettes With chicken (min. 25%), turkey (min. 4%) and freshwater fish (min. 4%) Poultry fat with high linoleic acid content as well as vitamin-rich brewer's yeast and egg for shiny fur No artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives Natural vitamin E and rosemary to protect against the oxidation of fats No soy protein Taurine for good vision and a healthy heart
    د.ا.‏ 25.000

    Bewi Cat® Deer (6/pack)

    BEWI Cat® meatinis Wild game; Moist meals has the advantage that the cat also takes into water with the food. For this reason prefer many cats one mixture of dry and moist food, given once or twice a day at regular meals inaddition to the dry food.
    د.ا.‏ 11.000

    Catit Magic Blue Cartridge

    Reduces hazardous ammonia gases for a safe and cat-friendly litter box, Fits every litter box, Unscented and non-toxic, Includes reusable plastic holder and 2 filter pads, Made of BPA-Free Materials.
    د.ا.‏ 8.990

    Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter 10L

    Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter is a cat litter that both you and your cat will love. The litter is made from authentic Wyoming sodium bentonite, make it ultra-clumping and very absorbent, helping to combat unpleasant odours. The cat litter quickly absorbs urine and unwanted smells, binding and clumping. The clumps can then be quickly and easily removed. This helps you to effortlessly keep your cat’s toilet area fresh and hygienic, as well as offering maximum comfort. Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter is enriched with the natural strength of active oxygen. It is dust-free, meaning it doesn’t stay on your cat’s paws and keeping your home clean. A real highlight of this Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter is its tender babypowder scent. All new Sanicat products such as this Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter will be packaged in cardboard. This helps to reduce our use of plastic to 0%. The cardboard and paper used are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and guarantee the sustainable manufacturing of natural resources. Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable. Sanicat Strong Clumps Clumping Cat Litter at a glance: Ultra-clumping cat litter Wyoming sodium bentonite: natural, very absorbent, quickly and firm clumping Enriched with active oxygen: for extra-strong odour control Dust-free With the pleasant scent of babypowder Economical: can be used sparsely 100% recyclable packaging: FSC-certified, 0% plastic usage
    د.ا.‏ 15.500