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    Hermos Pet Food is a dry dog and cat food producer which is the first factory designed to be fit for the human food production in Turkey, started to operate in February 2017.

    Maintaining its R&D studies with utmost attention,our company is closely following any scientific studies all over the world and carrying out “product development” studies with a great number of international outstanding universities. Accordingly, the FMIS (Fresh Meat Injection System) technology has been used in our factory for the first time in Turkey and the very first grain-free food has been first produced in our factory in Turkey.

    Hermos Pet Food has supported the production site at the technologically optimum level with deep experienced professionals.

    As a result of the combination of technology and experience, Hermos Pet Food has achieved to create its own brands. Pawpaw’’ in the economic, ‘’Myfood’’ in the premium, Low Grain ‘’Mystic’’ Veterinary Exclusive ‘’Benefit’’ and grain-free ‘’Klicker’’ in the super premium segments have reached assertive positions in each segment in a short time.

    Hermos Pet Food, which takes its brands to thousands of customers through three regional distributors at home, has achieved to take its brands overseas, exporting to more than twenty countries. Other than its own brands, Hermos Pet Food also carries out production on behalf of different leading companies of Turkey, Middle East and Europe by maintaining its quality standards. Hermos Pet Food, which does not launch any products which it does not produce to the domestic and international markets, does not undersign any brands and products which are not covered by the quality, standards and warranty it has created. Accordingly, Hermos Pet Food warranty is the most important guarantee of our business partners both at home and abroad and the most fundamental source of fast growth in a short time.

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    Myfood Adult Cat Sterilised with Salmon {Urinary-Support Low-carb 34/12} 1.5kg

    Nutrition is extremely important for maintaining a healthy and quality life for your pet friends. Our pets' digestive systems have been taken into account when selecting protein and grain sources, and the most beneficial nutrients have been included accordingly.
    د.ا.‏ 11.000

    Myfood Puppy Mini with Lamb & Rice {Derma-Support Low-Carb 35/17} 2.5kg

    Low grain, 70% Animal Protein(Lamb), 30% Grains, 27% Protein, 14% Fat, vegetables & fruits, Omega 3 & 6
    د.ا.‏ 16.000

    MyfoodAdult Cat with Lamb & Rice {Digest-Support Low-Carb 32/14} 1.5kg

    Low grain, 70% Animal Protein(Lamb), 30% Grains, 32% Protein, 14% Fat, vegetables & fruits, Omega 3 & 6
    د.ا.‏ 11.000

    ProStar Adult Cat Chicken 26/14

    د.ا.‏ 7.500

    ProStar Adult Dog Beef 20/10 2.5kg

    د.ا.‏ 14.000