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    EastWind- Dog Empowered

    From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs of all breeds and sizes. We’re about dogs. From boarding, to training, to ensuring that your dog is the best it can be. We’re for dogs. The standards, the care , the quality , the nurture and the complete experience from the moment your dog sets paw on Eastwind Kennels. We’re crazy about dogs. At Eastwind Kennels your dog is part of a family. A family that strives to embrace every dog with open arms and adapt to the needs of all dogs out there.

    EASTWIND is a multi service, dog empowered multinational 
    corporation. Founded in 2001, EASTWIND is a regional pioneer in dog 
    hospitality. As a member of Team4 World Holding, EASTWIND has 
    grown to become the market leader for all dog care related services 
    with operations extending to the middle east and Europe. EASTWIND 
    provides services supporting dog parents through its’ centers in the 
    Netherlands, Czech Republic and Egypt.

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    Training begins with an assessment: An EASTWIND professional trainer will evaluate your dog’s behavior, natural drives, and modes of communication in order to design the most suitable training program for him. The dog-parents will also be assessed. We will address your needs and the time and commitment you can contribute to the training process. Dog training requires commitment from both the dog and the dog parent for an optimal outcome. Contact us to book your consultation with a professional dog trainer.
    د.ا.‏ 25.000

    One Training Session

    It is an hour-long session with the dog to teach him a specific Command. The training is based on positive reinforcement and the transfer of what the dog has learned to the dog owner.
    د.ا.‏ 50.000

    Training- TEN session Package

    They are a group of sessions in which the dog learns the basics of obedience training as: Easy = how to lead your dog during walking on leash without pulling or distrusting Sit = he sits sharply when he listens to the command Down = lie down immediately when he listens to the command Stay = he still in the same position sit or down under distractions Here= recall the dog at home or garden shake hands = it’s a fun command to great you or your friends Kindly note that the training commands can be changed by demand depending on the dog’s behavior and the requests of the dog owner.
    د.ا.‏ 400.000