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    Catit Stainless Steel Double Cat Diner - 2 x 250 ml

    Brand: Catit- Hagen
    Catit Stainless Steel Double Cat Diner Set includes 2 stainless steel cat bowls (250 ml, 8.4 oz) with black metal stand. Easy to clean, sanitary.
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    Felicia ® Adult Cat Lamb 2kg

    Felicia® adult cat Lamb special and cute we know that our friend is sensitive about nutrition. Adult Felicia Lamb, is specially formulated for our friends who can't tolerate traditional protein sources and components. Optimum protein from real lamb that contains specific vitamins that your cat needs and with this formula, we are ready to meet your expectations. A piece of fruit cranberry, E&C vitamins, helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and supports the process of living a longer life. All Felicia formulas to provide optimum nutrition with a healthy and balanced nutrition provides the best quality content to our friends. anti aging by making healthy foods easier to digest with a content of cereals and rice to provide energy savings for activities of life helps. Yararlanirmi Foods the maximum level of removed, resulting in less supports the excretion of stool and dry. precise and easy digestion Felicia® adult cat salmon is the content balanced in mineral levels at the optimum level helps to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation. skin and hair health Support Anchovy oil content, rich in omega-3 and chicken refined oil contains omega-6 fatty acids helps in the formation of healthy skin and shiny coat. CONTENTS: Dried Lamb protein (27%), hydrolyzed protein, and lamb (18%), Baldo rice, maize, Refined chicken fat, Peas, Anchovies, Flour, Shrimp meal, Brewer's yeast, anchovy Oil, yeast, nucleotide, Protein, Minerals, Mannan Oligo Saccharides Probiotics, seaweed, kelp, Yucca extract, Cranberry Powder, Pisilyum. 33 % PROTEIN 2kg | 12kg analytical components Protein fat content crude ash Crude Cellulose (Fiber) omega-6 omega-3 .................................... 33 % .............................. 15 % ................................... 8 % ................. 2.8 % ............................ 3.96 % .......................... 0.715 % ADDITIONS (based on feed) vitamin A (E672) vitamin D3 (E671) vitamin E (3a700) vitamin C Taurine
    د.ا.‏ 16.000

    Ferplast Jet 20 Carrier

    Carrier for cats and small dogs. Anti-scratch plastic with bright coloured elements. Different colours and sizes. 37 x 57 x h 33 cm Carrier for cats and small-sized dogs for travelling in any means of transport, car, train, plane or ship Made of sturdy, anti-scratch plastic, practical and lightweight at the same time Innovative design with bright-coloured hooks and handle Impact-resistant, transparent door equipped with ventilation holes, that allows the visibility of your animal inside Ventilation grills for an optimal, well-ventilated environment Rounded shape for maximum comfort for your dog or cat Door equipped with safety locking clips Comfortable carrying handle Robust safety locking hooks on the sides Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made with a high percentage of recycled plastic It is possible to add a shoulder strap to be inserted in the special holes on the upper part of the container Available in different sizes with trendy coloured elements Maximum capacity Jet 10: 5 Kg Maximum capacity Jet 20: 8 Kg Jet 10 net weight: 0,87 Kg Jet 20 net weight: 1,25 Kg Note: for transport by air, contact your air company to make sure the carrier can be boarded Travelling with Fido or Kitty? If you are leaving for a holiday or a short trip, don't hesitate, the carrier Jet is ready to become your adventure mate! This is an innovative container, ideal for cats and small dogs, made of anti-scratch plastic with a rounded shape to ensure maximum comfort for your friend and make him feel at ease. The large ventilation grids on the roof and side walls have been designed for optimum ventilation. Jet is complete with a totally transparent plastic door, built to withstand impacts and allows great visibility of your animal; the door is also equipped with useful ventilation holes. The pet box Jet is sturdy yet lightweight at the same time, ideal to be carried with you on many occasions, equipped with solid side hooks and safety hooks on the door that keep the carrier tightly closed in order to prevent accidental opening during the journey. On the top, Jet has a sturdy handle for easy carrying. If necessary, the handle can be easily unhooked and stored in the special compartment in the upper part of the container: this takes up less space. Finally, the upper part of the container features special holes for the addition of a shoulder strap: if you want, then, you can carry Jet comfortably on your shoulder. The hard carrier Jet is available in different sizes with very trendy bright coloured details. Ideal for taking your friend with you on the most common means of transport, car, train, ship or plane. Attention: before departing with your pet, we advise to compare the dimensions of the product with those accepted by your chosen airline.
    د.ا.‏ 18.990

    Monge Kitten Rich in Chicken 1.5 kg

    The Monge Natural Superpremium line ensures the wellness of the animal thanks to the correct balance of essential nutritional elements, a result of Made in Italy research. Monge Natural Superpremium Kitten Rich in Chicken is a complete food for cats from weaning to the end of the first year of age, and for pregnant and/or lactating cats. Formulated with chicken as its main ingredient and with salmon oil, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, for soft and shiny coat. The formulation is enriched with XOS (Xylo-oligosaccharides) and MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides), prebiotics that promote intestinal wellness. No added dyes and artificial preservatives.
    د.ا.‏ 16.000

    Duvo standard cat litter scoop royal edition M - 26x10.5CM

    You don’t have to constantly refresh all the litter. Keep your cat litter clean for longer with the EBI litter tray scoops. Thanks to the holes, the litter simply falls back into the tray. The scoops are also easy to wash for greater hygiene.
    د.ا.‏ 2.990