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    Delinature Canary Basic 1 KG

    Is a complete and balanced mixture for your petbird. Keeps your canary in top condition. Seeds and cereals
    د.ا.‏ 3.000

    Harrison High Potency Super Fine 1lb

    Year-round formula for canaries and finches as well as budgies (parakeets) and other small parrots. Conversion: All birds should start out and remain on High Potency Formula for a period of at least 6 months. Special needs: For birds that are molting, overweight, underweight, particularly active, housed in a cold climate, recovering from an illness or affected by liver or kidney disease. Weaning Birds: Feed High Potency Formula for at least 6-9 months. Breeding Birds: Birds should be fed High Potency Formula 1-2 months prior to the breeding period and until chicks are weaned or for at least six months before resuming Adult Lifetime Formula. The amount of supplemental certified organic vegetables and fruits may be increased until the chicks are weaned. For each 2 Tbs (20 g) Formula, add ½ (5 g) Tbs certified organic sunflower seeds. Storage: Harrison's Bird Foods do not contain artificial preservatives. Once opened, a bag of Harrison's should be used up within 6 weeks. Storing food in fridge or freezer helps maintain freshness. Note "use before" dating printing on bag.
    د.ا.‏ 22.000

    Delinature 65 - Canaries Light 20kg

    Canary mixture with 85% canary seed EXTRA. Ideal mixture for Southern countries where it is slightly warmer. Ideal diet mixture for all canaries. Available in 20kg Canary seed, rapeseed, peeled oats, niger, hempseedb
    د.ا.‏ 45.000

    Tropifit Canary Food 700g

    Canary are cereal grains and grass seeds, the basic food of all varieties of canaries. The energy of the sun and the richness of the land of clean plantations, enclosed in shiny, healthy seeds, provide canaries with proper growth and beautiful plumage. A varied diet stimulates birds to sing and increases the desire to start breeding.
    د.ا.‏ 5.000