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    Butcher's® Butcher’s Functional Junior Lamb 400g Dog

    Brand: Butcher's
    Delicious complete pet food for daily feeding, developed by vets and nutritionists especially for the tummies of junior dogs. The unique formula made from natural ingredients of the best quality with the addition of minerals and vitamins comprehensively supports the healthy development of junior dogs from the very first months of their life. * Vitamin A – for healthy eyesight and proper functioning of the digestive tract * Vitamin D3 – to boost immunity, and for healthy, strong bones and teeth * Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 – for proper functioning of the nervous system * Vitamin B12 – for effective nutrients absorption and anaemia prevention * Calcium – to build strong bones and teeth * Taurine – for a strong heart and proper brain development Everything that is necessary for your four-legged friend to grow up fit and healthy enjoying vitality for many years. In addition, it is composed of natural ingredients that give it a great aroma, which will appeal to the most demanding dogs or picky eaters.
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    Butcher's® Dental Care For Large Dogs, 270g

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