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    Duvo® 3 In 1 Interactive wooden playground for birds

    The Duvo+ 3 in 1 playground can be set up in three different ways so that your bird receives constant stimulation and isn`t bored for a second. With this interactive toy, you not only build your bond with your pet but also stimulate your bird to exercise and play. The playground is light in design and can therefore be easily moved, so that your bird can also play outside of its cage. The playground is made of safe, natural wood and consists of a number of toys, a climbing ladder, a swing and a holder for snacks. Suitable for small and medium-sized birds
    د.ا.‏ 32.000

    Duvo® Bird Toy with Colorful Cubes and Rope 35,5x10cm

    Colourful bird toy Wooden beads and cubes and cotton For all birds For hours of playtime fun Includes hook for hanging Description: This bird toy will keep any bird entertained. Attractive colours and fun shapes encourage your bird to have lots of fun. The cotton tips provide a fun contrast to the wooden elements. Includes hanger.
    د.ا.‏ 16.500

    Duvo® Carrousel Rope with Colorful Cubes & Bell 38cm

    Cotton rope carousel With colourful cubes and bell Hours of playtime fun For all birds Includes hook for hanging Description: Birds really love colourful toys. This Duvo+ rope carousel made from cotton rope with wooden cubes is ideal for nibbling. Your bird will also love swinging on it. It will keep your bird active and can be easily attached to any aviary using the hanger provided.
    د.ا.‏ 39.990