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    Beavis Multi Vitamin 150 Tablet

    Brand: Beavis
    Beavis® Multi Vitamin 10 in 1 has been developed for adult dogs to lead a healthier quality of life and to support their immune system at the maximum level. 10 in 1, which is a combination of Vitamins and Amino Acids, contains components that provide maximum level of special care from stress management to eyesight, skin and hair health, cholesterol balance and kidney stabilization of our friends. This formula, which provides an effect against skin dryness, hair loss and itching, also helps to prevent diseases related to old age. In female dogs, especially during pregnancy, it plays an important role not only in the health of the mothers, but also in the healthy birth of their offspring. It also helps our 10 in 1 lovely friend to have a shiny and healthy hair structure, which contains a special biotin component.
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    Beavis Derma Comfort for small dogs 150Tablet

    Yucca, Biotin-additive, Garlic, Inactivated Nutritional Yeast Tablet for Dogs of Small and Medium Breed Beavis® Derma Comfort is developed to optimally strengthen the sensitive digestive systems and formation of healthy skin and hair structure in dogs of small and medium breed. Thanks to the combination of vitamins and amino acids it contains, it helps to reduce excessive hair loss, excessive stool odour and its amount. Beavis® Derma Comfort, an antibacterial dietary supplement, not only reduces the harmful bacteria in the body of our lovely friends, but also strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of bacteria. Beavis® Derma Comfort, which has a special formula to remove the toxic substances and protect the liver, provides an important support so that our lovely friends can live longer and healthier.
    د.ا.‏ 12.000

    Beavis Calcium Tablet for Dogs 84 Tablet

    The need for a balanced calcium in dogs plays a key role in all stages of life. Calcium support is an inevitable need during the periods of development and pregnancy. On the other hand, its deficiency can result in grave health problems as it may cause permanent and risky diseases. Balance of calcium level in dogs is also very important for the nervous system, pulse regulation, joint structure and blood coagulation, the continuity of bone and dental health. Calcium absorption may decrease in metabolism for various reasons. Vitamin D is an important player in calcium absorption and its deficiency can lead to a decrease in calcium absorption. Beavis® (D) Calci Tabs help our friends significantly to live a healthier life as they contain ample amount of Vitamin D as well as calcium and phosphor.
    د.ا.‏ 12.000