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    BEAVIS Dog Trippel Strength 60 Tablet

    Brand: Beavis
    Beavis® Tripple Strength is a professional joint, cartilage and connective tissue supporter, which consists of special vitamins and amino acid components. It is a very important supplement for the physical condition and wellbeing of adult and baby dogs of all breeds. It provides optimum support for chronic hip and bone problems as well as pregnancy and development of healthy puppies, in several breeds. While it provides ease of movement in overweight dogs, it also helps their bodies to stay more flexible and in good condition by supporting their joint structure and wellbeing.
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    Beavis Derma Care Shampoo for Dogs 250ml

    Beavis® Derma Care Long Hair Dog Shampoo, which provides effective care with its hypoallergenic and special formula that does not burn eyes, helps our lovely friends with long hair and sensitive skin and fur to maintain their lives in healthier and more hygienic conditions. Thanks to its special formula that provides ideal pH balance and sensitive care, it creates protective barriers in skin health and fur structures, providing a more moist skin, silky and strong hair structure. Its powerful formula, which deeply cleans dense dirt, offers an optimum effect in removing bad odors from the first use of our friend and living space. With its Hypoallergenic content, which is effective against hair loss, it increases the quality of life of our lovely friends with allergen sensitivity and helps them feel healthier and happier .
    د.ا.‏ 6.990

    Beavis DermaCare for Dogs 100ml

    DERMA CARE SPRAY Skin and Hair Care Spray for Dogs Beavis® Derma Care Spray contains special and natural ingredients that professionally support the skin and coat of dogs. It provides an excellent improvement care for healthy skin and shiny fur structure for dogs of all breeds, providing optimum benefit in the care and repair of skin irritated by external parasites. It also has an effective and repellent feature against parasites and insects by reducing itching with its herbal antimicrobial special components. With regular use of Beavis® Derma Care Spray, you can help our friend to get a brighter, hygienic and healthy appearance by removing dead hair with the help of a comb suitable for his hair structure.
    د.ا.‏ 7.990

    Beavis Ear Care for Dogs 100ml

    Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs Beavis® Ear Care ear cleaning solution will help you to remove any dirt piled up in their ears effectively and easily, for the benefit of our friends with whom we share the same universe. The ears of our friends, who cannot call their needs and discomforts as we do, should be checked and cleaned regularly and this procedure should be repeated depending on the density and severity of the dirt. We recommend that you do this by wrapping your dog in a towel, as it may show some reaction during the procedure. Strictly, avoid using any a sharp, pointed object such as a cotton swab, for inner ear cleaning. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the eardrum. Depending on the severity of the dirt in the ear, 3-5 drops should be put inside the ear and it should be rubbed as if massaging, and after allowing your dog to shake its head, the ear canal should be wiped thoroughly with a piece of cotton. You can use Beavis® Ear Care ear cleaning and care solution regularly for the motivation and health of our lovely friend.
    د.ا.‏ 6.990

    Beavis Eye Care for Dogs 50ml

    Tear Stain Remover for Dogs It is recommended by all experts to periodically clean the burrs and stains formed by dirt, dust and discharge accumulated around the eyes of our lovely friends with whom we share the same universe. The control and cleaning of the eye area of ​​our friends who cannot express their needs and discomforts like us should be done regularly, and should be repeated according to the frequency and intensity of the dirt. We recommend that you do this by wrapping your friend in a towel, as there may be a possibility of reaction during the application. While doing maintenance, we recommend you to clean it at an angle towards the opposite direction of the eye with the help of a cotton ball. You can use Beavis® Eye Care eye cleaning and care solution regularly for the motivation and health of our lovely friend.
    د.ا.‏ 6.990