Royal Canin ® German Shepherd 12KG

Royal Canin: High-performance nutrition at the service of professionals; for over 40 years, thanks to research concentrated exclusively on dogs and cats, the nutritional precision with which Royal Canin responds to the needs of each individual dog and cat has been expressed via visible and lasting benefits for their well-being. Exclusive kibble shape easy to grasp and chew Digestive performance Supports skin and coat health Supports bone and joint health 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Kibble The German Shepherd has a long, strong muzzle with strong teeth. The size, shape and texture of the kibbles in German Shepherd Adult formula are designed to be easy for this breed to pick up and encourage him to chew. German Shepherd Adult is designed exclusively for pure breed German Shepherds over 15 months.
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د.ا.‏ 65.000
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انه على الارجح واحد من افضل الخيارات المتوفرة من انواع تراب القطط المعدنية في السوق اليوم. مناسبة لجميع القطط أو الهرر، يلبي احتياجات مقتني القطط. مميزة هذا التراب ان الفضلات تيبس مع الوقت دون ان تحلل، وهي ميزة لمقتني القطط اللذين يغادرون منزلهم لساعات طويلة. ان هذا التراب ليس له رائحةولهذا فان الققط لن تكش منه عند تعريفها لاول مرة الى هذا النوع. الرائحة المركبة لن تظهر حتى يستعمل التراب من القطةوالذي بدوره سيضعف الروائح الكريهة. الحبيبات الصغيرة الطف على كفوف القطط، مما يجعلها محببة للاستعمال من القطط. لن يكون هناك اثار متسخة ولن ينتقل هذا التراب الى الارضيات والسجاد حيث هذا النتج خالي من الغبار بنسبة 99.9% ولا يلتصق بكفوف القطط. سهل لاستعمال واقتصادي. لافضل استعمال، ننصح باستعمال هذا المنتج في علبة الفضلات معبة لعمق 10 سم، حيث يمنح هذا العمق لاي فضلات سائلة الفرصة للتصلب والتكتل لسهولة التنظيف لاحقا. قطتك تستحق الافضل، جربه الان لن تندم! الخصائص: لا رائحة لمدة 30 يوم لا غبار ناعم على كفوف القطط اقتصادي
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Royal Canin® Maxi Sensitive Digestion 15KG

Large dogs are treasured for their incredible working abilities, and prove to be wonderful herding, tracking, rescue, guard and assistance dogs. These powerful and devoted dogs can often suffer from digestive sensitivities, joint pain and even cardiac issues. Royal Canin Maxi dry dog food formulas address the needs of the large dog throughout its lifetime-from the large dog's longer growth period, to nutrients to help limit inflammation of the joints and highly digestible proteins to ease digestion. Helps maintain digestive health Supports skin and coat health Supports bone & joint health 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Maxi Sensitive Digestion is for adult and mature large breed dogs over 15 months with digestive sensitivities. Kibble Kibbles are specifically designed for large-sized dogs to encourage chewing.
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Royal Canin supports the health of your cat by providing him with precise nutrition based on a true understanding of his specific needs and over 40 years of science and observation. Cats living exclusively indoors have a more sedentary lifestyle, lower energy requirements and a higher risk of obesity. The lifestyle of the indoor cat, sheltered from temperature variations and changes in day length, disrupts the natural seasonal cycle of fur growth, so that it sheds almost continuously, aggravating the problem of hair swallowed during grooming. INDOOR ADULT is for indoor cats from 1 to 7 years old. Stool odor reduction Supports healthy weight Helps manage hairballs L.I.P. Digestive Science Innovation 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
د.ا.‏ 38.000