GemonChunks with Tuna and Salmon – Adult Medium 415 g

Chunks with Tuna and Salmon is a complete food for adult dogs of medium size, aged from 1 to 8 years. A delicious recipe Made in Italy, gluten free
Brand: Gemon
د.ا.‏ 1.350
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60cm X42cm X h42cm Portable kennel made of nylon Holiday is a portable kennel for small and medium sized dogs. It is made from super tough nylon, has a soft mattress included. Holiday is fully foldable and is ideal for use as a kennel during short trips or if you need to attend dog shows or dog training courses. Thanks to its solid structure which has been recently revised, Holiday is very light at the same time, ensuring great sturdiness once it is assembled. This portable kennel is practical and has three windows on the sides, covered with nylon net, ensuring enough ventilation and light inside. If necessary, especially when travelling, the windows can be closed with roller blinds. The entrance, which is also equipped with a roller blind, is designed to allow your dog easy access. Holiday has useful pockets in which you can store things like a bottle for water, packets of your pet's favourite biscuits or dry food. Once disassembled, the Holiday portable kennel really takes up little room; thanks to its disassembly system, easy and fast, is ideal to be always carried with you, also when you are on holiday. The bag is also equipped with strong nylon handles that allow you to carry it with extreme ease.
د.ا.‏ 66.000